3.13.02 - 5:26PM

pizong 0.5b is almost done, the new features I've added so far is the Interactive Help engine, which allows the user to get information on various topics, and is redirected to a web page which can help them further on the subject at hand.

I was bored again and made another new page layout, the other layout was just not doing it for me anymore =\ I like this one though (at the moment, heh) so it'll stick around for awhile (month or so tops ;p).

3.8.02 - 2:44AM

pizong is now open source! I've taken the time to sign up with SourceForge and their wonderful service, so we're hosted by them now also. http://pizong.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/pizong/.

The code for pizong (protected under the GNU GPL) can be found here.

3.3.02 - 12:40AM

Well, it's been awhile since I've released a new pizong, so I've decided to upload pizong 0.5a. Please keep in mind it has no multiplayer support *YET*, however I figured I'd quench some thirst with a preview release I guess...

So, you can get pizong 0.5a here.

Remember to visit the System Requirements page to download files and see if you're computer can handle pizong.

On another note, I've set up the potential pizong nexus server, I'll fill you guys in later on next week on that.

3.2.02 - 7:48PM

New interface for pizong 0.5.

2.25.02 - 9:19PM

I just completed a new skin for pizong 0.5 which utilizes the ability to shape paddles, also tweaked the game some (ingame scoreboard and such). There's a major bug with Player 2 getting a cheap score while the DirectX is loading, and it's my top bug fix priority since it affects multiplayer pretty bad too...

Still no solid release date for pizong 0.5, but it's comin', and it will r0x0r.

2.21.02 - 11:22AM

The new netcode is in the in-house beta testing stage as I type this, I've added a new Dev Notes section where you can read about how pizong's development is coming along from a technical stand point...

I've added some new art for the 0.5 release, looks alot nicer in my opinion, I think you'll like it...

2.13.02 - 3:53PM

Another new layout, I find this one more solid than the prior. I may make a few more tweaks later on tonight and tomorrow.

As for pizong, you can expect a new update *soon*, but I don't believe there will be a stable multiplayer just yet... Sorry for the delay, but I really want a stable netcode :).

1.29.02 - 6:27AM

ETA for pizong 0.4 is probably going to be Thursday the 31st at the earliest, and the following Saturday at the latest. The netcode is almost complete, and all that needs to be done is some in-house beta testing, and some optimization of data sent and how fast it's processed into paddle movements. i've also added some convenient features such as the saving of your options via .ini file.

After the network code is stable, I'll begin work on the pizong nexus, and adding neat little features to pizong, like some single player options, maybe a Single player Tournament mode.

1.26.02 - 6:39PM

For the past few days, i've been hellbent on whether to make the multiplayer DirectPlay enabled or TCP/IP Winsock, and I think due to DirectPlay limitations, I'm gonna go with Winsock, which means I'll have to write most of the netcode myself from scratch, which may or may not be difficult :)

So expect pizong 0.4 to be out within a few days, with some multiplayer action, but no nexus integration/active player stats yet. In time though...

1.23.02 - 4:12PM

new name + tweaked page = w33t w33t

1.22.02 - 4:09PM

pizong beta 0.3 is out, you can get it here.

you can also get an optional skin pack for pizong here, containing two skins.

this is the new main page for pizong, just ignore all the network stuff for now if you can :)

1.21.02 - 3.30PM

pizong network is under construction, please check back shortly

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